Featured Yarns

Mineville Sock, #2909

Man of you who have shopped with us over the past two years know that Mineville Wool Project yarns are some of our favourite Canadian hand-dyeds ever.  The combination of carefully chosen bases, well-practiced skill in yarn dyeing, and a flare for creative experimentation results in an exciting, unique product (and the price isn’t so bad-looking either!).  Since Mineville are able to get their bases often at a steep discount, we are able to pass that discount on to you with a yarn that is often 2/3rds the price of its closest competitor.

Right now we are flush with a brightly coloured, densely packed sock yarn in 28 different colourways, we’re calling it the Candy Series.  While Sock #2909 is moving fast, we still have sweater quantities in many of the colours, and some fantastic self-striping sock colourways to boot.  Since it is just a bit thicker than your average sock yarn, #2909 knits up a bit faster, which made it a very popular choice for Christmas knitting this year.  While quantities last, grab a few skeins of this gem.  And remember, all Mineville colourways are one of a kind, so make sure to pick up all you need for your project!


Riverside Studios Merino Nylon Sock

Riverside Studios was the very first dyer we contacted, even before we opened Yarns Untangled last October 2015.  Kathryn’s unbelievable eye for colour and consistency in dyeing, not to mention her wonderful personality and professionalism made her an easy choice for our first indie artist.  The Merino Nylon Sock continues to be one of our best-selling yarns across the board, and we’ve just brought in a whole bunch of new colours.  Check out some of the most popular colours in the pictures below, and then come in and meet your favourites!

Pics all courtesy of Riverside Studios.
Blueberry Pie












Little Burgundy




Rocky Shore

The Blue Brick Killarney Sock

We are bursting with excitement to finally be able to announce that we are now carrying Blue Brick ombre yarns!!!  Hand-dyed right here in downtown Toronto (15 minutes from us!), these gradients are not to be believed.  Each skein seamlessly transitions through at least 3 colours over the course of 437 yards, giving you enough material to make a beautiful shawl.

Dyeing yarn in a slow gradient like these is an incredibly labour-intensive and complicated process, but Shireen and her husband are more than capable of rising to the challenge.  Shireen began her colourful career as a photographer, and her work can be seen in a variety of places including National Geographic and in an installation in Toronto’s PATH system.  Each of her colourways is in fact inspired by a particular photograph of hers, and she beautifully presents the inspiration and yarn together in one photograph, several of which are seen below.  As if that weren’t enough, each skein purchased includes your very own copy of the inspirational photo!

Until today, The Blue Brick yarn was only available via their online store.  We are terribly proud to be the only brick and mortar store in the entire world where you can see her yarn in person (for now!).  It has been here for about 2 hours and is already leaving the shelves, so get in quick!


ocean fortress



daisy 2

Hyacinth 2

rose 3

Cruisin in Rose

Mineville Merino DK Single, #1504

The Mineville Wool Project is a mother and daughter team out of Mineville, Nova Scotia.  Kathryn Thomas and Emily Dempsey have masses of dyeing experience between the two of them as they have been running the yarn labels Fleece Artist and Handmaiden for many years.  Through those ventures, they were often offered “unique yarns at discounted bulk prices” and the Mineville Wool Project is their venture dedicated specifically to the treatment of those unique yarns.  DK Single 6

The Merino DK Single #1504 is one of Yarns Untangled’s very very favourite of the Mineville family, so when the opportunity arose to buy a whole lot of it, we jumped at the chance.  In store we now have sweater quantities of 50 different colourways, and this is indeed a perfect sweater yarn.  The single-ply merino is incredibly soft, and remarkably durable when knit up.  DK is a truly excellent yarn weight.  Slightly thinner than worsted, it creates a more flattering and lighter fabric, but still has enough strength to create a garment wearable in most Canadian spring weather.

DK Single 3  Part of the joy of the Mineville yarns is getting to name the colourways ourselves, and this time we chose the theme of Toronto landmarks and neighbourhoods.  They include (but are not limited to), Union Station, CN Tower, We the North, Bellwoods, The DVP, Ontario Place, Honest Ed’s, and The Village (pictured above in the pile).


20160427_121603 DK Single 5 DK Single 4 20160427_132037 DK Single 2 DK Single 7

Lichen and Lace

Dyed in Sackville, New Brunswick by Megan Ingman, Lichen and Lace is as soft and strong as it is beautiful.  We are currently featuring two of her bases: the super soft single ply fingering weight superwash merino, and the lush 4ply worsted superwash merino in a variety of colours each.  The special texture of the fingering comes from the gentle loose twist of the single strand, and it provides a plush and blooming fabric.  Alternatively, the 4ply worsted weight gives a crisp stitch definition and is extremely easy to knit with.  Both these yarns come in extra large 115 gram skeins, so you are getting more bang for your buck.  And at $24/skein, Lichen and Lace is an extremely inexpensive hand-dyed option.

Read our special post about Megan Ingman and Lichen and Lace here, and visit her website here.

Topsy Farms – 100% Canadian, sustainably produced, natural wool

Warm, woolly, washable, and worsted, we are huge fans of this yarn! It comes in a multitude of colours, and creates a fabric that is especially sturdy and warm. It is well-suited to outerwear such a hats, mittens, scarves, but is also very cozy as a luxurious afghan or blanket. This chemical-free wool is a dream to work with, and has helped many knitters realize that they aren’t in fact allergic to wool, but instead to some of the chemicals often used to treat some factory-produced yarns. Just like the sheep who grew the wool, this yarn makes insulated and water-resistant clothing that will function better than any industrial acrylic, and without the environmental damage. Visit their website to learn more about and see pictures of the sheep, dogs, and lovely people at Topsy Farms.