Crocheted Snowflakes

The winter snow has -finally- arrived!  Celebrate this late wintery carpeting of white by making your own crocheted snowflakes in a whole range of designs and shapes.  We will begin by learning learning how to make a basic crocheted snowflake and how to read a variety of snowflake patterns.  We will also discuss the basics behind washing, blocking, and starching your snowflakes for hanging in the window, on the mantle, from your cubicle, or anywhere else that could use some extra fractals.

Photo 2015-12-18, 3 12 59 PM - crop Photo 2015-12-18, 3 12 55 PM - crop Photo 2015-12-18, 3 11 45 PM - crop Photo 2015-12-18, 3 11 36 PM - crop