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Welcome to the Yarns Untangled Family, Cardigan!

YU in the Community: Adopting a Lamb!

by Nicole Tavares We have exciting news to share with you: Yarns Untangled has adopted a foster lamb through our friends at Topsy Farms! We’ve dubbed our wobbly little friend “Cardigan” and he’s doing extremely well now. According to the Farm staff, he is the littlest of his group, but feisty and mighty of spirit. We are told he drank a full bottle immediately upon arrival, and then took a long nap. Cardigan’s vibrant personality is already visible. He’s reported to be a loving, personable creature whose’s made fast friends with another adopted lamb named Purl. He’s also approaching farm staff …

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Brand New Online Store and Ad Campaign!

We’ve been working on it for months at this point, and we are thrilled to announce that the Yarns Untangled online store is now officially open!  While it is still bare bones for now, you are now able to purchase official YU kits and merchandise, all four of Kate Atherley’s books, and a luscious collection of wool washes all from the comfort of your couch at home.  Over the next few weeks, we will be adding many of our best and brightest yarns to the collection as well.  We expect to be able to have quite a few of them …

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The Secret History of Knitting, a documentary

One of my favourite things about working in a yarn shop and knitting in public is how many people will say, “knitting really is becoming popular, isn’t it?”  While this is true in part, we know that knitting has been popular on an off for many many years.  But how much do we really know about the history of this wonderful activity? Last November, we were approached by a team who were in the process of filming a documentary about knitting for Makeful, a new channel “celebrating the maker community and the creation of one-of-a-kind, handmade goods.”  They had scheduled …

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Tempest 7

The Making Of: A Cardigan, pt. 4 – Seaming and the FO

Read part three here. Read part two here. Read part one here. Ok folks, it seems we made it all the way to the end.  It’s just over two months to the day since I cast on for this sweater, and considering a polished off a few other projects along the way, that’s not a bad finishing time, if I do say so myself! Picking up where we left off last, the bits and pieces of the sweater had completely dried, with minimal cat hair present.  Here they are ready to be seamed. If any of you have blocked straight edges …

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Lichen and Lace Knit Along

It’s time to announce our second knit along!  Thanks to all the knitters and crocheters who took part in 2015’s Lanesplitter Skirt KAL (great pictures and details on many of the projects can be seen on the Ravelry thread).  This time we’ve decided to take a slightly different tack on the traditional pattern-based KAL, so instead of working on the same pattern as a group, we are opening the doors of possibility wide!  Inspired by the unprecedentedly beautiful yarns of Lichen and Lace, we would like to invite each and every one of you to join us in working on a …

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The Making Of: A Cardigan, pt. 3 – Blocking

Read part two here. Read part one here. The blocking process has always been a bit elusive to me.  I’ll do it of course, because I know I’m supposed to, and I know that it’s essential, especially for a garment like this one.  But I will admit that, in the past, I have skipped blocking my finished objects as often as possible.  This is not for any good reason other than basic impatience to have the project finished (there’s nothing like the satisfaction of changing a Ravelry status from “WIP” to “FO”).  But just like so many other aspects of knitting …

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The Making Of: A Cardigan, pt. 2

Read part one here. You’ll recall that at the conclusion of my last post, I had guessed that a 4.5mm needle should be the right size for me to get gauge.  The old me of a few years back would have simply used the data collected from the 3.5mm and 4mm swatches, extrapolated that a 4.5mm would do the job, and simply started the project with the largest size, not bothering with a third swatch.  However, partially due to a few hard lessons learned in the past few years, and partially because y’all are watching, I took the straight and …

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The Making Of: A Cardigan

One of the absolute best things about working in a yarn store is that we often get to be there, from beginning to end, for a huge number of projects.  Sure, we don’t knit or crochet them ourselves, but we get to be a part of choosing the yarn, the pattern, often the needles, even swatching, customizing, mistakes, disasters, solutions, casting off, blocking, and if we’re lucky, trying on the final item, or giving it a snuggle when you the customer bring it back into the store to proudly show it off. Today, I’d like to introduce you dear readers …

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Knitted Christmas Ornaments: A Kit

For our first official foray into kits, we’re happy to announce that these sweet little numbers are now available in store.  There’s something especially cozy about a knitted tree ornament, and these are some of the coziest.  The kit features 11 possible designs (8 easy charts, and 3 more challenging ones), all from the mind of knitting guru Kate Atherley and they are currently only available as part of this collection. Since most of the charts are relatively uncomplicated, this kit is suited to any knitter comfortable with knitting in the round and with basic colourwork.  However, if you’re feeling a …

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Wild Flowers

New Yarn: Lichen & Lace

When we realised that Megan Ingman, original owner and heart and soul of Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market, had ventured into the fine art of dyeing yarn under the name “Lichen and Lace“, we didn’t miss a beat.  Not only is she working with soft, versatile, and surprisingly affordable bases, her eye for colour is truly one of the best we’ve come across, ever.  Our order was put together and sent in seconds.  The hardest part was choosing colours – if only we could have every single one! Megan opened Lettuce Knit in her 20s and ran it with a few dedicated …

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