Kate Atherley

Kate was taught to knit as a child by her grandmother, Hilda Lowe, a legendary knitter in her own right.

A mathematician and refugee from the technology industry, Kate has written four books on knitting including Beyond Knit and Purl, Knit Accessories, Pattern Writing for Knit Designers, and her most recent, Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet.  In addition to being an avid writer, she is also Knitty.com’s Lead Technical Editor and a regular contributor to books and magazines.

Kate teaches regularly at events in Canada, the US and the UK, and we count ourselves extremely privileged to have her on our roster.  If you come early for your class with her, chances are you’ll get to meet her challenging but mostly adorable rescue hound Dexter, who stops in the store for treats any chance he gets.

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Jennifer Chandler

Jennifer has been crocheting for many years. She specializes in making beautiful shawls, and most recently is expanding her horizons by making tops and sweaters. She enjoys learning new techniques, and sharing her learnings with others. She is always up for making blankets of all sizes; the more complex the pattern, the better.

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Adrianna Cho

Adrianna is a self-taught knitter who has been knitting for the last five years. She started her first lace knitting project four months after learning and has become a prolific advanced lace knitter since. You will find her love lace in all the garments she makes. Adrianna is passionate about vivid colours, textures, and finding the right projects to accentuate them. You’ll commonly find her wearing or admiring the colour blue.

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Amelia Lyon

An avid knitter from a young age, Amelia has been teaching students to knit since 2007, first in her living room, and then branching out into stitch nights and yarn stores in Montreal and Toronto. One of her favourite things about fibre arts is being able to customize designs and garments down to every last detail, thus allowing the knitter or crocheter to create exactly what they have in mind. She has spent many hours learning the ups, downs, ins, and outs of how stitches fit together, and excited to pass on what she has learned to as many people as possible.

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Brenna MacDonald

Starting with crochet, and quickly branching out into knitting and spinning yarn, Brenna MacDonald is an avid textile artist with an obsession with learning new techniques and experimenting with new yarn and fibres. Brenna loves to share what she knows about her crafts, and especially enjoys teaching children and those who are motivated to learn about the limitless design possibilities of yarn.

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Nicole Tavares

With a background in engineering and an affection for excel spreadsheets, Nicole spends almost as much time modifying patterns as she does knitting them. Her happiest fiber dreams are filled with charts, equations, and new construction techniques. Nicole loves helping her students master the fundamentals of knitting, as well as teaching them how to fix mistakes. She particularly enjoys demystifying the mathematics behind a pattern and finding ways to help knitters customize their projects.


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